Er Dr C Keshava Murthy

Chairman / BEng (Civil) Hons, PhD (Civil), Registered Accredited Checker (S’pore), PE (S’pore), PE, FIE(I), FIES, MConsES, MASCE, MSIBL

Dr Murthy had graduated with honours in Civil Engineering from University of Mysore and completed his PhD at University of Liverpool. He is both a registered Accredited Checker and Professional Engineer (PE) in Singapore. As the chairman, he is responsible for envisioning the company’s direction and its business model.

His area of expertise includes tall buildings, bridges, repair and conservation of buildings, jetties and economics of building structure. His notable achievements include the much-publicised mass rectification works to Cheng Hong Mansion, the appraisal of Hwa Chong Junior College, Conservation and Adaptive Reuse of Capitol Building and Stamford House, and the strengthening of columns using Polymer-Impregnation techniques at Everich Industrial Building. Throughout his career, he has served both as advisor and consultant for numerous projects to statutory boards, contractors and consulting firms.


He has published about 70 papers in local and international journals and conference proceedings. These research and review papers include topics on tall buildings structures, prestressed concrete, appraisal of building structures and economics of building structures.


He is a fellow of Institution of Engineer, Singapore, a fellow of the Institution of Engineers, India, a member of the Association of Consulting Engineers, Singapore and a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.